Hello world!

Hello World! My first blog! I feel like I have so much to say but let’s first get the formalities out of the way.

About me

Hi, I am Natasha, mother of 2 teenies, one princess diva and the other bike obsessed. I started grown up life with an English degree and then became a professional accountant with a short spell of 2 years in San Francisco, California. Officially my most favourite place. I spent ten years living in London in various locations and moved out with my husband 5 years ago to leafy Hampshire.

What’s so different about me?

Absolutely nothing.  I am not hilarious, though I like to think so after a few glasses of vino.  I have a past, a history, slightly more turbulent than most can imagine but less so than others in the world.  I’m just human with my own perspective.  Being a mum and working from home running two businesses is tricky but sat in front of a computer very much limits my opportunity for adult conversation.

What am I into?

I have a gazillion ideas of things to bring to the market and so far I’ve managed two.  One very successful business, McLaren & Wall,a 3D castings business. The other very fledgling but with massive potential, Write My Name, a personalised handwriting practice for children.  I love photography, I love the theory of photography, Sontag, Baudelaire and many, many others.  I think it’s more the theory of things that triggers my interest.  My dissertation was psychoanalysis and the first world war.  I’ve studied a lot of war orientated texts and memoirs.  It all sounds very bleak and at times it can be but what is fascinating is that from the lowest depths of despair the human race recovers and blossoms, before beginning on that same spiral again.

The perfect parent world

I feel at times that each of us begins on our journey and when things seem ultimately impossible that sometimes its easy to forget that we will prevail.  It’s only the minority who struggle and fail at life in general.  The rest of us can either master it or, more likely, look like we’re mastering it. Everyone knows someone who is putting on a brave face.  The mum with the perfect hair and makeup who half an hour before was dragging their child to the car screaming.  The dad who is relieved to catch the train and leave the house to that mother.  Yep we are either one of these or we know one of these people.


I’ve never been one to present confrontational diction.  I’m a great believer in “Live and Let Live” sometimes I can be judgemental, like anyone really, but I rarely voice it.  I am sensitive though and if burned I simmer for a long time.  Probably my own issue.  I like to be liked.  I think we all do, I think it’s a very human trait.  Sometimes it makes us do daft things, I had zero control over myself growing up and was clumsy and misunderstood.  These days I tend to shy away from the limelight.  The truth of myself too fractured to bear.

More than rainbows

My favourite quote, used by my husband when we first met, he’s written it in every card ever since and is even on our candle from our wedding.  You see, everything has a silver lining, all the dark thoughts, all the sad times, there is always a positive to be taken. He first said to me that he loves me more than rainbows when we were courting and it really stuck, one of the happiest, natural states (even if it is a weather condition).  I decided to name my blog in honour of our rainbows and everything else that has come since.  He and my children are indeed my world.

What to expect

I plan on taking a look at various businesses I have had the pleasure to discover as well as activities with the kids and other useful bits, including how to keep yourself sane after you’ve had a second baby.