A mothers instinct

Here I am on the children’s ward with my youngest baby. He’s currently curled up in my arms in a quarantined room.

He has a tummy bug. Not life threatening for sure however we’re here because I followed Doctors orders. I know normally doctors are supposed to help and I get that mistakes are made but my instinct knew his advice was wrong.

A mothers instinct is such a powerful thing however you always fear failure and don’t want to get it wrong.

In my case my little fella was very poorly (d&v) to those in the know. I was told not to give him dioralyte and he’d recover in a day or so. Fast forward two days and he’s admitted to hospital with significant dehydration. The emergency doctors dumbfounded by the advice previously given. I even questioned my instinct a second time on the drive to a&e because I had been made to feel like a worrier and thought I was over reacting.

Turns out I wasn’t.

We’ve had one night of IV and constant dioralyte so far and facing a possible second night.

What if it had been life threatening? What if I had tried to battle on totally lacking in confidence and trying not to be a bother? Where does severe dehydration take you? Turns out that is life threatening and especially for little ones.

The fear of failure and doing the wrong thing is so great in our generation that we learn to ignore our instinct in case we’re reprimanded.

Well from my experience over the last six days of sickness I’m going to work on my confidence as a mother and learn that letters after a name do not mean I am wrong.