About me

A little bit about me, I’m Natasha, mummy to two, one little girl at preschool called Zariah and the other a slightly littler boy called Zachary.  Wife to Nick, long supporting husband and my rock though I don’t tell him that, he won’t be able to get his head out of the door.

I used to be a financial controller for an events company but decided that both parents on trains to London wasn’t the most responsible idea with two little ones at nursery.  I set up my first business, a keepsake business which I later specialised in 3D castings and now I make the most wonderful pieces and train others to do so.  My second business is about to launch, inspired by my daughter its a personalised downloadable handwriting practice workbook and can be purchased here http://www.writemyname.global.  I’ve had some great feedback so far.

I have a lot of musings and experiences to draw from, the return to work, the maternity leave, KIT days and then the agonising over finally returning and finding that there is zero flexibility.  Starting my own business and finding out the pitfalls and benefits of all of it.  I have a lot to talk about.

Have a read of my first blog post to get to know me better.  I warn you thoughts are free flow!

Thank you for joining me on my journey!


Natasha x